School Clubs

School clubs create small communities. They attract people who share the same interests such as in music, arts, or sports. Club activities help students develop sense of unity and teamwork, learning how to work with others in reaching the same goals. With this aim, we have created five activity clubs at RRB CONVENT SCHOOL. They are:


    The objective of English Literary club is to inculcate among the students a flair for the language and enhance their literary skills. Literary activities include:

     a) Book Campaign

     b) Story Telling and Recitation

     c) Word of the day

     d) Creative Writing

     e) ELEP(English Language Enrichment Programme)


    Hindi club has been formed to make Hindi language meaningful and to bring creativity in Hindi language. In Hindi club, debate competition and activities like speech writing, listening and reading will be organized.


     Science Club has been formed with the purpose of inducting scientific temperament into the students. Students are encouraged by motivated Club Heads/ Members to participate into various scientific activities that include:

     a) Science Model Preparation

     b) Reports and Project preparation on various scientific issues like global warming, climate change, etc.

     c) Science Quiz and Debates

     d) Learning about recent scientific discoveries


    The main objective of Art Club is to encourage the students in various activities which allow for free expression to experiment and create their own imagination. It helps them in developing creative skills and leadership abilities. Art Club boosts self-confidence, improves their social skills, making friends and getting on with other children.


    Dancing is a mix of art and exercise which connects the mind and body, and makes one sharper and stronger. Music in itself is therapeutic. Dance is a physical interpretation of what the music says. It is a great way to release energy, shed inhibitions and let your emotions out.

When you dance you sweat, and you release feel good endorphins that make you happy. It also has been proven that listening to music raises intelligence, especially for a child. Good music, good dancing is a great way to be in a happy state of mind. As we know that in each student there will be a hidden talent and our intention is to find the hidden talents in each student and to motivate them. This will also help them to develop in academics as well. Our school not only focuses on academics, but also on extra-curricular activities as well. Our teachers prepare the students for extrinsic and intrinsic competitions.